Power flushing  is a very important aspect of maintaining central heating systems, so important that Building Regulations has seen it fit to make it mandatory to have a Power Flush on any old system before commencing the installation of a new boiler.

We have invested in some of the best Power-Flushing equipment out at the moment from a Company called Kamco, combined with their excellent flushing chemicals the majority of systems can be cleaned and restored to excellent working order.

A dirty central heating system can increase fuel cost by as much as 35%

Symptoms of needing a power flush

  • If the Radiator or Boiler makes noises.
  • The home is cold even if the Radiators are on.
  • The Radiator or Boiler is cold and bleed out dirty water.
  • If you are looking to connect new boiler to old heating system because sometimes the new one is contaminated already and can cause damage to the system.
  • Radiators hot at the top but cold at the bottom

Power flushing facts

  • Radiators need bleeding often
  • Up to 80% of all problems on your central heating system and boiler is either directly or indirectly related to sludge in the system.
  • the greatest risk to an untreated system is boiler failure – an expensive and disruptive occurrence. A improperly or unprotected system with a build up of sludge may suffer boiler noise (thumping, drumming and knocking) due to excessive lime scale or sludge build up. Eventually the insulating effects of sludge and lime scale will restrict the heat exchanger (the engine of a boiler) to the point where it overheats and fractures.
  • Sludge will seriously affect the efficiency of a system which will lead to higher fuel bills and premature failure of a boiler and other heating components such as valves and pumps.

We also install inline magnetic filters to protect the boiler heat exchangers from the debris that can cause blockages especially on high efficiency boilers where the heat exchangers are a lot smaller.

Our team of power flush professionals have been fully trained to the highest standards by using the latest power flush methods.

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How power flushing works

Power flushing how it works




Blocked pipe work due to debris build up


We use market leading, approved magnetic filtration products MagnaClean Professional2 is a proven, high efficiency, full-flow, magnetic and non-magnetic filter designed to protect domestic heating systems.